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Finding reliable supplier & export from China

Daria Sinchugova
Business Interpreter in Shanghai

About Me

During the eight years I have lived in China I accumulated many contacts and visited more than 500 factories of various productions, so I can help you find a suitable supplier, with whom I have worked for many years.

At the present moment I am a representative of stainless steel and titanium companies.

Bigoil company:
  • Gazprom - Russia
  • Egas - Ukraine
  • GSPC - India
  • Mebelev - Russia
  • India

If you need a representative in China or you need some help to find a reliable supplier, I can help you to find a factory and visit the factory. I can help you to order samples from the factory and send it to your address.

Working moments
Exhibitions. Conferences. Talks.


Interpreter at
Business Meeting / Negotiations
Interpreter at
Exhibitions / Trade Shows
Business Companion
Sourcing & Visiting Factories / Suppliers
Quality control before Shipment
Representative of your company in China
Arrange shipping, all logistic services
Private cars

My advantage is that I have a Chinese drivers license and own a car in Shanghai. I can pick you up from Shanghai Pudong airport and directly take you to your factory. This means you can save time and visit more factories each day.

Our partners

During 8 years of my work in China, I have established friendly relations with many Chinese suppliers. Every month I dispatch various kind products to Europe, Russia, America etc. I cooperate with reliable big factories of China for many years.

In order that waste time for sourcing reliable factories I can offer to you following products from my suppliers:

Stainless steel products, titanium and nickel alloys
Sanitation equipment from China
Fasteners and hardware
Textiles from Сhina
Radiators, aluminum, bi-metal, cast iron
Home furniture from China
Production equipment from China
Parts for cars and buses

Reviews of my clients

Kirill Novikov

Our company Mebelev chose Daria as an interpreter for InterTextile exhibition. We failed to find the required products at the exhibition. Daria found some manufacturers for us, sent their samples to us. We very appreciate Daria’s performance. Now she operates as our representative in China. 20.04.2015

Maria Orlova

We thank Daria for the competent translation of technical wording, settlement of difficult matters in the field of machine manufacturing and delivery of the equipment to Moscow. Daria approved herself as a skilled professional. The meeting was very fruitful.

Viktoria Krasnova

Daria planned out all meetings very well, called around all Chinese suppliers beforehand. For 5 days we visited more than 20 factories. We are greatly satisfied by Daria’s performance. She gave necessary advice related to mentality of Chinese nationals. Now we arrange our supply handling via Daria.

Anton Chizhik

Our company highly appreciates Daria for cooperation, professional assistance, personal involvement into the process. Daria, that's the right spirit! Daria helped us to reach the main purpose of our trip – to arrange cooperation with Chinese colleagues. Thank you very much! :)

Tatiana Semenko

Daria accompanied us at ChinaPlus exhibition as she was experienced in this field, she acquainted us with the Chinese factories which she had visited. She advised us to visit the Chinese manufacturers after the exhibition what we did during the last 2 days. We express our gratitude and recommend Daria.

Milana Gurskaya

It was very pleasant to deal with Daria! She greatly helped us during preparation for the business trip, she kept in touch at any time. The issue that faced us was rather difficult: we were to arrange supplies of Champagne and vine to China. Daria sincerely cared about our products and protected our company’s interests as her own.

Photo Gallery

You can look through the photos with my pleased clients in the gallery. I deal with the clients from around the world. I am very responsible doing my work as an interpreter in China and solving clients’ problems. I always protect clients’ interests during negotiations with Chinese businessmen.

Chinese interpreter for business issues Daria Sinchugova

Communicating and dealing with Chinese partners – part of modern business all over the world. The aim for modern businesspersons is to find decent suppliers in China to have an effective partnership, and the main obstacle is to communicate with factory’s representatives.

My name is Daria Sinchugova and I can help you with everything related to business in China. My fluent Chinese, English and Russian help me to work as an interpreter at business meetings, trades, exhibitions, during online communication between partners. I can also arrange and control the shipping of production from Chinese factories.

Why you should trust me?

I have been living in China for 8 years. During this time I’ve accumulated lots of business contacts and, visited over 500 companies and became acquainted in a modern business area in China. Moreover, I learned everything about Chinese culture and got used to the Chinese behavior model.

I have been an interpreter for big oil and textile companies such as Gazprom (Russia) and GSPC (India). The success of those companies in trading with Chinese factories and the level of their representation in China prove my experience and work effectiveness.

The fact that I can pick you up from Shanghai Pudong airport saves your time and money – we can visit as much factories as we can in one day with my car in Shanghai. In that way, your business trip time would be divided wisely.

Communicating with Chinese companies and making partnership have never been so easy – experienced interpreter makes it as fast and effective as it can be. Visiting trades and business negotiations, representing your company, sending samples of production to all over the world and controlling shipping – I can help you with every problem you may encounter during your business trip.

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